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Miami_Horror Coming to U. Street Music Hall Saturday!


Printmaking Memories & Intanglio Ethcings for Sale

It’s been over two and a half months now out of college. You would think I was missing the social scene, but I actually miss having the printingmaking room at my disposal. The sight of three large print presses is better than any cute boy I ever saw on campus. I miss those long strenuous … Continue reading

Street ‘Cred’ to Righty Tweets

Twitter, the ‘new age’ press source, is a network where you can find a designated trend come alive with news and interaction. More demanding than what you ‘Facebookers’ may think, it takes a certain amount of skill with text language to communicate effectively. Most of you will scratch your head after sending a tweet, often … Continue reading

Georgetown Obscura

Power In The Individual

A look at our individualistic society, media, and culture

Art on your Own

So graduating college is great and all- if you keep on the grind. The best thing to do when you are out is to keep busy, busy, busy. All those projects, all those ideas, NOW is the time to simply begin them and give them life. Finding a job is one thing, finding activities is … Continue reading

Reciprocating is Key

  Social Media, it’s the big new thing in PR now. If you want your business or non profit to soar you better be playing nice with those that have the same interest and ideas as you.  Networking, reading, communicating, and knowing the community your client represents is a must for success and recognition. For a long … Continue reading


  Oh hai I am back! I have neglected the blog now for a while for a number of reasons… art projects, graduating, photo jobs, and most of all because I just haven’t felt the urge to write. Why force it? Quality over quantity. Well to keep you updated, I am now currently in Washington D.C, transitioning … Continue reading

Holga Dream

The past couple of weeks in alternative photography  have been pretty fun with the whole  pinhole camera process. Making my own camera has opened my eyes to a world where digital has no place what so ever. Constructing my own camera and discovering the magic and and mystery within these type pf pictures has made … Continue reading