Printmaking Memories & Intanglio Ethcings for Sale

It’s been over two and a half months now out of college. You would think I was missing the social scene, but I actually miss having the printingmaking room at my disposal. The sight of three large print presses is better than any cute boy I ever saw on campus. I miss those long strenuous … Continue reading

Street ‘Cred’ to Righty Tweets

Twitter, the ‘new age’ press source, is a network where you can find a designated trend come alive with news and interaction. More demanding than what you ‘Facebookers’ may think, it takes a certain amount of skill with text language to communicate effectively. Most of you will scratch your head after sending a tweet, often … Continue reading

Power In The Individual

A look at our individualistic society, media, and culture

El Miedo

EL MIEDO (The Fear) Intaglio Etching Denise M Ovalle 2010 So we all have, or have had, a little crush on manga or anime at some point growing up. Today the Japanese style of animation is actually considered a genre and has been growing with popularity in the U.S. Though the majority of manga lovers … Continue reading

Well, I’ll Just Worry About That Tomorrow

Gone With The Wind – 1939

Semana Santa

No- this is NOT the kkk. This is actually my take on Easter in Spain, which in spanish is referred to as “Semana Santa.” This extra credit actually got me an A in Intro to Intaglio  taught by the master himself, Joe Lupo. Check out those mans receipts! Gracias cloaked men who look very evil, you remind … Continue reading

Studying the Strokes

My rendition of Lucian Freud`s  ‘Esther’. In intro to painting we were asked to paint our version of a masterpiece, and to study the artists` strokes. Lucians strokes are big and gritty. One thing I learned is that big artist use big brushes. My version is a bit muddy.  

Madonna Oscura

Madonna Oscura Self- Portrait Oil 18×22 2010



  Oh hai I am back! I have neglected the blog now for a while for a number of reasons… art projects, graduating, photo jobs, and most of all because I just haven’t felt the urge to write. Why force it? Quality over quantity. Well to keep you updated, I am now currently in Washington D.C, transitioning … Continue reading