Morose Project

I tweeped these LA guys when their ‘Process 01’ EP came out last month with a shmix of minimal and techno. I fancy the Freeze track mostly, but yesterday they released something a bit different. The new EP introduces tracks that begin real wavey and laid back and then begin to layer the minimal and … Continue reading

Street ‘Cred’ to Righty Tweets

Twitter, the ‘new age’ press source, is a network where you can find a designated trend come alive with news and interaction. More demanding than what you ‘Facebookers’ may think, it takes a certain amount of skill with text language to communicate effectively. Most of you will scratch your head after sending a tweet, often … Continue reading

Power In The Individual

A look at our individualistic society, media, and culture

Reciprocating is Key

  Social Media, it’s the big new thing in PR now. If you want your business or non profit to soar you better be playing nice with those that have the same interest and ideas as you.  Networking, reading, communicating, and knowing the community your client represents is a must for success and recognition. For a long … Continue reading


  Oh hai I am back! I have neglected the blog now for a while for a number of reasons… art projects, graduating, photo jobs, and most of all because I just haven’t felt the urge to write. Why force it? Quality over quantity. Well to keep you updated, I am now currently in Washington D.C, transitioning … Continue reading

Young Jeezy

DubVLive : My New Home

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Me & the Captain Make it Happen


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The Tipping Point: Hail to the Innovaters

In the next 6 weeks I will be totally immerged into PR mode. Things I can expect to gain: greater pop culture knowledge,sharper writing skills, and an even greater addiction to the internet. The Tipping Point, a book by Malcolm Gladwell, explains that a tipping point is the ‘boiling point’ , the critical point in an … Continue reading