Well, I’ll Just Worry About That Tomorrow

Gone With The Wind – 1939 Advertisements

Passion in the 80s Room.

Bent Willies Night Club is always getting down. I got this shot while working the other night. I call it the ‘ Passion Pit’. There is always something in the air when I am getting ready to shoot night life. The 80’s room is where it’s at with this red lighting … bringing out the … Continue reading

Couture Design? No. Good Angle? Indeed.

Last night Bent Willies celebrated their birthday bash with top shelf choice Belvedere (vodka). The main event was the fashion show, but I was not impressed with any of the clothes or any of the models catwalk presence. C`mon girls swing some hip , turn and give me a pose Austin Powers would want. Anyways … Continue reading

Holga Dream

The past couple of weeks in alternative photography  have been pretty fun with the whole  pinhole camera process. Making my own camera has opened my eyes to a world where digital has no place what so ever. Constructing my own camera and discovering the magic and and mystery within these type pf pictures has made … Continue reading

Young Jeezy

Sausages & Joints

Mountaineers Win Against Marshall

Ione Rucquoi

Artist Statement: ” Ione Rucquoi’s visceral portraits capture a world of lost innocence and sexual awakening, exploring the disowned, unconscious aspects of the self and highlighting the primal instincts of the human character and the beast within. Rucquoi’s affinity with Jung’s psychological concept of ‘The Shadow’ allows her to move effortlessly among the symbolic and … Continue reading

Zhang Huan

Waiting to X-hale

X-hale is the new place to be in Morgantown! For a while now I have been waiting for a place where I can go and have stimulating conversation with friends without the loud club music washing out the alpha waves. This place is the real deal for delicious  hookah, and the  equipment is top-notch for all those who like … Continue reading