Printmaking Memories & Intanglio Ethcings for Sale

It’s been over two and a half months now out of college. You would think I was missing the social scene, but I actually miss having the printingmaking room at my disposal. The sight of three large print presses is better than any cute boy I ever saw on campus. I miss those long strenuous … Continue reading

Georgetown Obscura

El Miedo

EL MIEDO (The Fear) Intaglio Etching Denise M Ovalle 2010 So we all have, or have had, a little crush on manga or anime at some point growing up. Today the Japanese style of animation is actually considered a genre and has been growing with popularity in the U.S. Though the majority of manga lovers … Continue reading

Well, I’ll Just Worry About That Tomorrow

Gone With The Wind – 1939

Art on your Own

So graduating college is great and all- if you keep on the grind. The best thing to do when you are out is to keep busy, busy, busy. All those projects, all those ideas, NOW is the time to simply begin them and give them life. Finding a job is one thing, finding activities is … Continue reading

Semana Santa

No- this is NOT the kkk. This is actually my take on Easter in Spain, which in spanish is referred to as “Semana Santa.” This extra credit actually got me an A in Intro to Intaglio  taught by the master himself, Joe Lupo. Check out those mans receipts! Gracias cloaked men who look very evil, you remind … Continue reading

Studying the Strokes

My rendition of Lucian Freud`s  ‘Esther’. In intro to painting we were asked to paint our version of a masterpiece, and to study the artists` strokes. Lucians strokes are big and gritty. One thing I learned is that big artist use big brushes. My version is a bit muddy.  

Madonna Oscura

Madonna Oscura Self- Portrait Oil 18×22 2010


Passion in the 80s Room.

Bent Willies Night Club is always getting down. I got this shot while working the other night. I call it the ‘ Passion Pit’. There is always something in the air when I am getting ready to shoot night life. The 80’s room is where it’s at with this red lighting … bringing out the … Continue reading