Street ‘Cred’ to Righty Tweets

Twitter, the ‘new age’ press source, is a network where you can find a designated trend come alive with news and interaction. More demanding than what you ‘Facebookers’ may think, it takes a certain amount of skill with text language to communicate effectively. Most of you will scratch your head after sending a tweet, often … Continue reading

Power In The Individual

A look at our individualistic society, media, and culture


  Oh hai I am back! I have neglected the blog now for a while for a number of reasons… art projects, graduating, photo jobs, and most of all because I just haven’t felt the urge to write. Why force it? Quality over quantity. Well to keep you updated, I am now currently in Washington D.C, transitioning … Continue reading

Tentacle Obsession


The Tipping Point: Hail to the Innovaters

In the next 6 weeks I will be totally immerged into PR mode. Things I can expect to gain: greater pop culture knowledge,sharper writing skills, and an even greater addiction to the internet. The Tipping Point, a book by Malcolm Gladwell, explains that a tipping point is the ‘boiling point’ , the critical point in an … Continue reading