Holga Dream

The past couple of weeks in alternative photography  have been pretty fun with the whole  pinhole camera process. Making my own camera has opened my eyes to a world where digital has no place what so ever. Constructing my own camera and discovering the magic and and mystery within these type pf pictures has made me appreciate waiting for an image, and most of all giving it more value. Today millions of individuals skim over thousands of images on the internet, and it desensitizes them to any attachment or meaning. When I went through the process of producing images in a more traditional manner, I became attached to my work and I gave it meaning.

The pinhole obscura introduced me into using the Holga 120 Medium format camera, a toy camera alternative. It was Introduced in the 1980s in Japan and became a big hit in pop culture.

The Holga camera has been making quite a buzz within some of the different photo scenes across the U.S. A lot of street photographers like to use the Holga because of it’s surreal touch and unique blend of flaws such as light leaks that make the photos one of a kind. The official Holga Blog, and some pretty interesting posts, articles, and themes are featured. Check it out.


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